For a Better, Happier Life

Our mission at Shop Japan is to provide products and services that meet your needs, fulfill your wishes and help you live a lifestyle that makes you happy. To this end, we aim to offer suggestions for leading a rewarding life and helping you find happiness that lies beyond the shopping experience at Shop Japan. Our job is to produce your happiness so you can have a Better, Happier Life.

Global Style

What is global style?
It is a sense of beautiful design, a creative imagination, international flair and entertainment value. It comes from taking the best parts of different cultures from all over the world. It translates ingenious ideas from specific places into practical solutions for people everywhere.

Japanese Values

What are Japanese values?
Japanese values deeply permeate Japanese culture; a culture in which quality and detail are strong traditional values. Japanese values signify an unwavering effort to improve product quality and an ongoing commitment to improvement in all areas of our business. They lead us to provide detailed and passionate service, without error, which in turn ensures that we earn the trust of our customers and partners.

Lifestyle Enrichment

What is lifestyle enrichment?
It means becoming a better, happier, more succesful person whether the improvement is great or small. It means taking control of different parts of your life to make your whole life better and it means experiencing a new way of doing things that is more fun, more effective and more fulfilling.

Shop Japan's products have helped me achieved a healthy lifestyle. I have purchased quality products such as Nutribullet and Slendertone. These items have helped me achieved the weight I targeted, along with still being energetic and strong for my day-to-day responsibilities

Alvin Nakamura